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Product donation: toilet paper, tissue box, and plastic wraps

Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida from Hyogo pref. gave us 60 rolls of toilet paper, 20 tissue boxes, and 3 rolls of plastic wraps. Thank you very much!  

20160713 tissue

Flyer distribution supporter : Nabari city Tsutsujigaoka Community Center

Nabari city Tsutsujigaoka Community Center kindly agree to place our leaflets and flyers. Thank very much!

20160629 tsutsujigaoka

Mr. Den-ichi Ito from Nabari city donated us 60 Kg of brown rice.

We received the donation of pesticide-free, organic fertilizer use brown rice 60Kg from Mr. Den-ichi Ito, Chair, Board of Director of Nabari-Nishikio Kyousei Farm. We really appreciate his kind support. Thank you very much Mr. Ito.


“Kids Terrace Mie” is introduced in the Mainichi Newspaper.

“Kids Terrace Mie” is introduced in the Mainichi Newspaper. (Japanese only)   Twitter:    

mainichi news2

Donation: Guide Lights and rice fish. Also 1 addition to our flyer distribution supporters.

A continuous supporter of JFCE donated us the guide lights and rice fish. The guide lights, if you look at night, glitter yet quietly along the path to the Kids Terrace Mie and they are beautiful. Please come and see them. Also, he gave us the rice fish, he drove over 8 hours and brought the fish to Mie. Kids will be happy to see them! Also, we updated “supporters” page with 1 additional flyer distribution supporter. Its name is “KYOTO ROUEN”, Kyoto Worker’s Theater Appreciation Association. We thank you everyone’s warm support.


Additional 32 shops/restaurants became our flyer distribution supporter.

Additional 32 shops/restaurants became our flyer distributing supporters. You can find our flyers all over Japan; Aichi, Oaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Saitama, Shizuoka, Tottori, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Miyazaki, and Tokyo in addition to the shops in Fukushima, Mie and Nara who already placing them. We do appreciate everyone’s kind support. Please check the shop list below and visit them. Supporters We welcome anyone’s support for placing/distributing our leaflets and flyers anytime! see details(only in Japanese) ♣♣♣ We continue recruitment volunteer staff for our summer respite camp. see details ♣♣♣

English site open! Summer camp schedule is now available!

English site is open as of today! AND we are so excited to announce the summer camp schedule has now set! Interested? Come and join us for volunteers!!!  

Met Nabari City Mayer

We had a meeting with the Nabari-city Mayer, Mr. Kamei and presented our plan and philosophy. We are very thankful to Mr. Kamei for this opportunity.  

Nabari city

Media Coverage

The area’s community information journal “Iga-Town Information ‘YOU’” intoduce Kids Terrace Mie. The Chair, Wataru Ohashi and the board member Kazuhiro Ookawa (picture) spoke about our background and philosophy. We are so excited about the summer camp coming in this July!


Product donation: Thank you!

We have received a hand made stepladder of a balcony from a gentleman in Tochigi Prefecture. He made it by himself and carried it all the way down to Mie for us. We do appreciate his generous consideration .

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