May 14th, there held a city clean-up event by Nabari city which was a part of G7 Summit Japan 2016, and around 6,000 people have participated in the event.



Greeting from Mr. Eikei Suzuki, the Mie prefectural governor.


Greeting from Mr. Toshikatsu Kamei, the Nabari city Mayor.


Nabari city charactor “Hiiya-wan” and our Chair Mr. Ohashi.



300 people appealed with banners and waved their hand  in Nabari Yagawa area.

Did anyone on the Kintetsu train see us?

7  9

In former-elementary school, current local museum, has been breeding the hybrids of giant salamander in the pool which was designated a special natural monument in Japan.

Hoping it will inhabit the river forever, it open to the public on this special day.


What a big salamander!

We do hope it will inhabit the city forever.